Reiki is a powerful way to clear old blocks, allowing you to recreate and receive your dreams and blessings. I combine my reiki sessions with my intuition, which opens the door for the receiver to connect to their intuition as well. Reiki has a unique healing vibration that usually creates heat and then an icy coldness as the energy field clears blocks. Clients may experience other releasing symptoms such as: burping, coughing, passing thoughts, old emotions, laughing and tingling. It is a fun and fascinating process! Reiki is a great treatment for depression, clearing old relationships, stress, physical pain, insomnia, blocked creativity, and revitalizing the connection to our power, heart, and soul. Soothe Your Soul Healing Arts Studio is located in Northwest Denver in the beautiful Highlands neighborhood. Please contact Sarah Litjens, Reiki Master Teacher to schedule an appointment…303.842.1210. I have been practicing and teaching Reiki for 12 years, and this healing energy still amazes me!