Migraine is one of the areas where cranial sacral work really excels. Migraines come in many different forms and create debilitating pain. The Saturday Morning migraine occurs in hard working people who push themselves Monday to Friday, when Saturday morning arrives the migraine occurs to seek balance in the body. Menstrual migraines are also common and they seem to stem from an abrupt drop in blood estrogen levels.
Cranial Sacral therapy is highly effective in clearing the pain and tension involved in a migraine. Cranial Sacral work can help keep them from returning as well, because it works so deeply within the body to bring the balance that the body and soul is seeking. I have had great success with migraine suffers after just treating them for two sessions. Please contact me with any questions on clearing the pain of any type of headache(tension, cluster, migraine). Sarah Litjens, owner of Soothe Your Soul Healing Arts Studio….303.842.1210