Sarah is magical. Seeing her will change your life.

Mary B.

Sarah met with me and through the subtlest and kindest of ways, helped me open my life and welcome wonderful change. She was patient, intuitive, and provided the guidance I needed. My spirit and soul felt lighter, happier and joyful at the promise of hope for a brighter future. Her ability to ‘see’ and ‘listen’ as a healer is a true gift.

Sarah C.

Sarah is a gifted healer and intuitive. Each session is exactly what I need that day, and I can feel the change for days. Her Lomi Lomi massage relieves muscle tightness but goes much deeper, releasing emotions and past traumas trapped in the muscle tissue and body. I always leave feeling something has moved or shifted and much lighter and clearer. Thanks Sarah!

Rebecca W.

I have received regular massages from Sarah for over five years now, and I always emerge from the experience feeling like a new person! I tend to carry my tension in my neck and shoulders. Sarah’s cranial sacral work always causes that tension to release. I recommend her work very highly.

Jennifer G.